SpaceX Falcon Heavy USSF-44 Launch & Sunset Pad Viewing

Falcon Heavy twin side boosters landing at LZ-1 and LZ-2 during the day

After three full years, the wait is finally over for the next flight of the Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful operational rocket! It'll be launching on Tuesday, November 1 at 9:41 AM EDT (13:41 UTC) with the USSF-44 top-secret national security payload for the US Space Force, in its first operational government mission. Star Fleet will be going out for both the launch itself, and a sunset boat trip to see the rocket up close on the pad the evening before.

This launch will feature a uniquely spectacular twin booster Return to Launch Site landing, and we'll be in an ideal position to view it. Our current nominal planned viewing location, as with previous Falcon Heavy missions, provides both the closest and clearest view of the booster landing available anywhere. It has a clear view of both pads all the way down to the landing legs, and is around or less than 4 mi / 6 km from the landing trajectory as the twin boosters light their engines and arc in almost right over our heads, and around or less than 6 mi / ≈9 km from the landing pad itself. Distance from the launch pad is around 12-14 mi / 19-22 km, but also with a clear view and a more favorable angle to the trajectory than any land-based spot, at a closest approach of around 9-11 mi / 14-17 km. However, depending on the exact position of the hazard zones and subject to range and USCG clearance, we may actually be able to get up to several miles closer to both launch and landing, which is currently pending confirmation.

Meanwhile, our sunset boat trip will feature an up close and personal view of the rocket standing tall on the pad, backlit by the setting sun, from as close as 500 yd/m away; plus, you'll get to see a unique angle on the other KSC and CCSFS pads on the way there and back as well.

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Falcon Heavy launching during the day, from a public domain USAF photo

SpaceX Falcon Heavy USSF-44 Launch & Landing Boat Viewing

Price: $95 (main deck), $125 (upper deck)
Launch Time: Tuesday, November 1 at 9:41 AM EDT (13:41 UTC)
Key Times: Checkin 7:30 AM EDT | Boarding 8:00 AM EDT | Departure 8:30 AM EDT
Location: Sunrise Marina, 505 Glen Cheek Dr, Cape Canaveral FL 32920

  • Closest and clearest viewing for landing available anywhere
  • Clear view of both LZ-1 and LZ-2 down to the landing legs
  • Only <≈4 mi / <≈6 km from landing trajectory and <≈6 mi / <≈9 km from pads
  • Favorable angle downrange of trajectory, only ≈9-11 mi / <≈14-17 km away
  • Clear view of launch pad at <≈12-14 mi / <≈19-22 km distance
  • Free parking, a guaranteed spot and no need to show up many hours early

    DELAY/SCRUB POLICY: Tickets are generally non-refundable.
    See our details page for more information.

Close-up photo of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket on its pad LC-39A, taken on a Star Fleet boat tour

Falcon Heavy LC-39A Sunset Pad Trip

Price: $140 per person
Dates: Monday, October 31
Trip Time: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT
Key Times: Checkin T-30 min | Boarding T-15 min | Departure T-0 min
Location: Blue Points Marina, 726 Scallop Dr, Port Canaveral, FL 32920

  • Experience the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful operational rocket
  • See historic Apollo and Shuttle sites, including LC-34, LC-36 and LC-39A/B
  • Enjoy a unique ocean-side view of every active CCAFS and KSC launch pad
  • View many sites of interest in Port Canaveral harbor and along the Cape
  • Travel on a fast, modern 6-12 passenger deep-sea charter vessel
  • Additional trips may be made available based on passenger demand

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