Reservation and Boat Details

Please ensure you read, understand and agree to everything here to ensure everyone is on the same page before making your reservation. Thanks!

Photo of Grills' Bike Pit and Checkin Booth

Terms and Conditions

Reserving your spot

  • In order to reserve your spot on the boats, you must click the Book button on the Tickets page, follow the indicated steps, and pay the ticket price.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, anything else, including any verbal or written communication from us, does not constitute a reservation, confirmation or ticket.
  • Due to very high demand and a limited number of slots, we unfortunately cannot hold your spot for you without a confirmed payment.
  • Your confirmation email constitutes your ticket and proof of payment; if you do not successfully receive one (including in your spam/junk folder) after 10 minutes, then please contact us to ensure your payment is received and you are in our system.

Transferring/refunding your ticket

  • If you later realize you can't make it for any reason, you are free to sell/trade your spot(s) with anyone else.
  • We can work with you to facilitate a trade or other arrangement with one of the many individuals wanting a ticket at any given time, though we cannot guarantee this will always be possible, especially at the last minute.
  • If your transfer/refund request is received 24 hours or more before the check-in time, we will attempt to fill your spot on a best effort basis, and if we can, your ticket will be refunded; however, this cannot be guaranteed.


  • Your tickets remain valid and non-refundable for the launch day you purchased them for, so long as the boats are able to go out on that date and time.
  • You will be fully refunded in the unlikely event the boats are not able to go out, e.g. due to unsafe weather conditions (which would likely also scrub the launch) or an unexpected mechanical issue with one of the boats.
  • If a delay/scrub is officially announced at any point prior to the checkin time, the trip will be automatically converted to a launchpad tour up the coast to see see the rocket on the pad and the other historic and active CCSFS and KSC launch sites, on the same time and boat (subject to range and weather safety constraints).
  • If the scrub occurs during/after checkin or once on the boat, we will continue with the trip as scheduled, viewing the rocket and the other CCSFS pads from as close as is safe and allowed, to make the most of the experience.
  • We offer a 10% discount on any future attempts for the same rocket within the same launch period to any passenger who booked a previous launch trip where the launch was scrubbed.

Checkin and departure time

Please have your entire party present and accounted for at the checkin location a minimum of one hour prior to the most recent announced departure time, which is in turn typically at least two hours prior to the current official launch time. We strongly recommend you leave more time to ensure you get a free parking spot and to account for unexpected delays due to the high traffic volume expected; there will plenty for you to do once you're there including getting food at Grills, observing the SpaceX droneships, boosters and fleet right across the channel, and other local attractions. At one hour prior to departure, online reservations will be closed and in-person checkin will begin; walkups and standbys may be accepted at this time, but cannot be guaranteed due to high demand.

We will be checking people in and giving out paper tickets and/or colored wristbands (launch/boat dependent) to keep track of what boat you are on; you will need one to board your boat and the captains will be checking for the correct ticket/wristband to make sure you get on your desired vessel. If you use our reservation system to purchase tickets, it will send you an email that will constitute your boarding pass. Simply print this and bring it with you, or display it on your mobile device for us to scan. Otherwise, if you've booked directly with a Star Fleet Officer, we'll just look up your name for you. At the designated boarding time, typically 30 minutes prior to departure, we will have boarded our respective vessels. If you are not checked in by this time, you will be in danger of loosing your spot to standbys. If an emergency arises, please contact one of us immediately to maximize the possibility that arrangements can be made. Due to the number of people on the trip, we will not be able to delay our departure past the announced departure time, so please try to be on time to avoid having to forfeit your seat.

Important Information

Viewing locations

Ocean-side will be the location of trips unless specifically noted, which will be viewing the launch and landing from roughly (28.42N, 80.49W), just south of the exclusion zone, offshore on the ocean side of the Cape. This location offers a clear line of sight all the way to the launch and landing pads, and is close to directly under the trajectory for optimal viewing. It is optimized for the spectacular twin-booster landing, and is the closest and best (legal) location available to the public on land or sea at 8 km away (next closest are Jetty and 401 at 11 km with an obstructed view), and the closest location possible to the ocean landing on the droneship just off the coast.

Launch-wise, it is further than KSC or Playalinda, but is around as close or closer as any of the other publicly accessible alternatives at around 18-22 km and is straight across the water, offering a clear line of sight. Further, it offers an unmatched view of all of the major CCAFS/KSC launch and landing pads, including the VAB, LZ-1/LC-13 (F9/FH landing), SLC-37 (Delta 4/Heavy), SLC-40 (F9/Dragon), SLC-41 (Atlas 5/Starliner), and LC-39A (F9/Crew Dragon/FH).

River-side trips, if offered for a particular launch, which will view the launch and landing from the Banana River west of the Cape. It has a less direct line of sight (across the Cape) to the pads and is a little further from landing at 9 km, but offers a unique and highly recommended end-on view of the boosters seemingly flying right toward the viewer, only to land at the last moment, and also has more favorable lightning conditions for afternoon/evening launches. It is generally closer to launch at 16-18 km and offers much gentler seas, more relaxed viewing conditions and more scenic vistas. You can also see the various pads from here as well as the VAB, albeit less directly.

Checkin location and parking

We usually meet at Grills Bike Pit, across the street from Grills Seafood Deck, at 505 Glen Cheek Drive, Cape Canaveral, FL, 32920.

Most of the boats dock right across the street, so this is quite convenient. The Cove lot near Grills and the other restaurants will be free. Get there early to secure a spot, as other lots may charge a substantial fee.

IMPORTANT: This can sometimes be a nearby dock for different special trips; please see the Location field next to the ticket type you've selected for the exact address you should meet at.

We will have a checkin desk setup, a number of chairs available, and possible a tent under which people can hang out while we wait to board. Look for the signs with our "mission patch". You can order food and drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) from Grills and bring them across the street, as well as snacks from the shop next door.

On the boat

There are no age restrictions, but everyone must have a ticket. There is a restroom on each boat. Life jackets will be provided, but you are not required to wear one. All boats will have a cooler/refrigeration for storing cold drinks; we will coordinate to bring ice for everyone. We plan to be out as long as necessary to watch the launch, plus approximately 30 minutes to allow for viewing the respective landed boosters, taking photographs, partying and enjoying the moment. Travel time to and from the viewing location is approximately 30-45 minutes each way.

We won't go out if the seas are too bad, and certainly not if it is unsafe. However, if you are particularly sensitive to motion sickness, bringing dramamine or a natural aid is recommended just in case. Avoid acids (e.g. orange juice) in the morning if you can, as this is known to upset the stomach on the water.

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